How To Install A Wall Oven

How To Install A Wall Oven

Are you planning on giving your current kitchen a new look or thinking about the layout of your future kitchen? One convenient and space-saving option for your kitchen is to install a wall oven. While this idea sounds great, what you really need to know is how to install a wall oven. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn how. Continue reading this blog to learn how to install a wall oven and the benefits you will reap from having one in your kitchen. 

Why Install A Wall Oven?

Before you can learn how to install a wall oven, it’s important to understand why you might consider getting one at all. There are actually quite a few tangible long-term benefits to installing a wall oven instead of a traditional oven range. If you are planning to give your kitchen a sleek, modern look, the wall oven is your best choice. It can also work with many other styles, but it is particularly popular for those who want an oven that appears to blend at first glance. Speaking of appearance, there are also many options for sizes, and they’re even available in single or double variations. 

Another advantage of having a wall oven is that you will save a lot of kitchen space. Now, you will have more room for other kinds of kitchen features, such as cabinetry or an island. You will even be able to have a separate range, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once. Most importantly, you can say goodbye to constantly bending over beneath the range to reach your oven. Accessibility is better than before, thanks to the convenient placement of this oven. 

How To Install A Wall Oven

If you’re sold on the idea of getting this oven for your kitchen, you’re ready to learn how to install a wall oven. While this process is best left in professional hands, knowing what to expect from the process will allow you to mentally prepare for the day of installation. These are the steps you should expect to see completed during a wall oven installation: 

1. Prepare The Area For Installation

The first step in learning how to install a wall oven is to ensure the area is completely prepared. This preparation involves measuring the opening for the installation, removing the existing oven, and obtaining the right electrical equipment for your new oven. You always want to ensure the right safety precautions are in place. This includes ensuring that your old oven is not connected to a power source and covering the floor with cardboard or another material that will protect it from damage. 

2. Proceed To Install The New Oven

Once all the preparations are complete, the technician will proceed to the main event of how to install a wall oven: the installation itself. Specialized equipment will be used to ensure the oven is easily inserted into the wall. However, if an old oven is being replaced, the anchoring screws need to be removed before cutting the electrical wiring. When the old oven is removed and disconnected, the technicians will then make the electrical connection between the new oven and the wiring. After this connection is made, the technicians will carefully put the oven inside the wall space and fully secure it. 

3. Test The New Oven

The last part of the installation process is to test the new oven. The way in which you can test the new oven might depend on the specific make, model, and brand. If there are no specific testing directions in the user manual, just turn on the oven and try out the controls to see if they work. 

Our Technicians Know How To Install A Wall Oven For Your Kitchen!

We hope this blog has enlightened you about the wall oven installation process. If you think a wall oven is the missing piece to complete your kitchen, you want to hire the best professionals around to install one. If you live in Houston, you can trust Appliance Repairs Houston to successfully install a new oven in your home, so contact us today.